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Compare Stone Flooring to Tile Pricing in St. Augustine, FL

Tile Bathroom St Augustine, FL You may not know that you may be able to purchase travertine stone at similar prices to tile flooring costs. We cut all our own stone and you can choose the stone slab before we cut it. We custom cut marble, travertine stone and granite countertops, tables, flooring, and bathrooms for St. Augustine, Fl. We carry a full line of tile, carpet, vinyl, laminate and hardwood floors products. We sell all our customers at wholesale prices and offer big savings in the store on tile, hardwood, stone, granite, and laminate flooring. We install all our own flooring, stone and countertops. Stop in and check out your options. You’ll be glad you did. Our St. Augustine prices are very attractive and our quality is top of the line.

Tile Ratings in St. Augustine - Smart Buying

If you are looking for new tile flooring or ceramic tile in St. Augustine and you want the best results, here are some helpful tips you can use in order to get the best option for your home or business. There are basically 5 grades of tile to choose from. This will make the price decision much easier because the tile grades determines what you want in tile flooring for your needs.

Tile Floor and Wall Tile Grades St. Augustine, FL

The tile rating system applies only to one aspect of the tile and has a rating of 1 to 5. The rating system deals with how the tile flooring scratches show up on the surface of the tile. How tough is the tile in terms of tile floor scratching showing when used over time. Grade 1 is given to the lowest or weakest grade or quality of tiles. This is usually only used for wall tiles.

What most home owners in St. Augustine will look at is Grade 2 and higher for tile flooring in their home. Grade 2 will work well with their rating for light traffic areas. It works well for wall tiles in the bathroom and walls. You will find different tile floor and wall designs available for this rating but you may not be happy with it in traffic areas.

Best Tile Floor Options St. Augustine, FL

The grade 3 ratings are the most popular rating for tile floor use in the home and home builders. Tile f perfect for light to moderate traffic areas in your home. This may be a good option for the countertops, tile kitchen floor areas and the areas in the home that does not get a lot of wear and tear. Grade 4 is a good choice for counter tops, heavier used traffic areas and you can find this tile in some St. Augustine business offices.

The final grade is 5 and this is the best and most durable tile flooring. This is used for commercial grade ceramic tiles and great for high traffic areas in your business or store. You find this used in malls and high traffic shopping stores. House of Tile has the largest selection of tiles servicing the Palm Coast, Volusia and St Augustine Florida marketplace. We do all our own installations and our prices are the best around.

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